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AI creates ‘magic moments’

For example, in the game “Dimensionals”, created by Sasha MacKinnon’s company, AI builds in one character who is a real idiot, full of creativity, who always joins others at the table and – make one. Funny suggestion sometimes.

AI can create characters, fights and dialogues: “We use AI to have these magical moments where the characters say things you don’t expect that are not really scripted but based on history you play with them.”

For now, AI is quickly reaching its limits: 40-50% of its suggestions cannot be used, MacKinnon said. So in Mino’s game, the AI ​​serves as a creative collaborator that provides ideas that humans implement.

The drawings of the monsters for “Dimensionals” were created by AI, but the creators of the characters that appear in the game are people.

Game developers shouldn’t worry about their jobs, MacKinnon said. They cannot be replaced by AI, he believes, adding that “games are the purest form of human expression,” as they not only combine stories, art and sound, they also provide “experiences for people . AI will not be able, never will be able. to do that either.”


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