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This country has a separate law for Ali Wazir and Rao AnwarFGN News

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FGN News,

From the very beginning, the policy of the military establishment has been the same and that is ‘us or nobody’, but now the situation has reached a level where nobody can pay for their actions even if they want to, because they are bloody civilians, people. Politicians are no longer worthy of sacrifice. If a crisis or malfunction occurs in a system, then its situation is likely to arise. But if there is a congenital defect in a system, then the whole system has to be rebuilt, otherwise, no matter what anyone does from above, the defect remains within.

After the creation of Pakistan, we tried to put many labels on a garrison state, from Islam to laboratory to democracy, but none of them worked and will not work in the future, until we open it twice and put those parts tomorrow. that do not conform to visible labels and the guidelines based on them. No big deal, just think for a moment how a civilian could operate it if a Landcruiser body was placed over an armored vehicle structure and engine and given to a civilian with a Landcruiser user manual.

The military establishment always puts a civilian in his seat every now and then to say and prove that he is too clumsy to sit in the seat itself telling him what to do is to drive it.

The real golden opportunity for this multifaceted tradition to change was the period after the collapse of the Soviet Union, when the Western world, under the leadership of the United States, achieved its main ideological goal. This time, the establishment needs to get off its air horse and realize the ground realities instead of raising the green crescent flag at the Red Fort, make Kashmir Pakistan and make Afghanistan a fifth province instead of a colorful one. dreams of making a democratic state of the people in the true sense. But the work must have begun. The world is readily ready to offer help and support at face value to abandon this self-delusional and suicidal project, which has brought Pakistan to the brink of destruction, but if there is harm here, it is the generals, the religious.Politicians and Tariq Jamils.

The rule of one department and the lust for power of thousands of people associated with it has made the lives of millions of people miserable and darkened their future and that of their future generations. Now, even if they give up their atomic bomb, the price will not be paid which could put the state on the right political and economic path.

First of all, apart from temporary decisions, there is no serious thought to normalize this state even now, and even if work starts on it, it will not be easy. I say this on the basis that the thinking created by the establishment with 75 years of hard work will not end with the push of a button. He forced the entire society into hypocrisy by making religion his political shield. Now the situation is that no one is ready to be religious, honest and faithful in person, but everyone is racing to outdo each other to make it appear. Religious gatherings, congregations, madrassas, and preaching centers have been established rapidly in the last thirty or forty years. The number of Umrahs, Hajj pilgrims, worshipers and bearded people increased, proportionally during this period, but there was also a greater increase in dishonesty, corruption, bribery, fraud, hoarding and profiteering. . Pakistan’s figure on the international corruption list is a proof of this. It is clear here that we only use the discussion of society and religion in politics. Holiness, integrity and honesty come when the relationship of belief is direct between the servant and the Creator without any fear or greed. But in this society where one starts praying with tasbih to get out of political popularity, financial and moral scandals, going to Hajj and Umrah and releasing pictures and videos of it, instead of repenting the sin , it is one’s fault. the root of this society and state is not hollow, so what else is used as a cover.

But what is seen today is that there is an attempt to get out of this stage, but there is no attempt to follow the right path. Otherwise, Rao Anwar and his 16 accomplices, who killed 444 innocent people in extra-constitutional fake police encounters, are not acquitted by the courts in the state which is mired in various problems and crises. This notorious murderer could not have been sheltered in a large and safe house in Pindi and presented in protocol to the Supreme Court of the country. Ali Wazir, an elected Member of Parliament, was no longer imprisoned for two years to satisfy the ego of a general. Today, all Pakistani TV channels are mourning the arrest of Fawad Chaudhry, live coverage and prime time shows from morning, but no one is ready to say a word on Ali Wazir’s imprisonment and acquittal -off to Rao Anwar. .

Despite this, a senior Pakhtun politician Mehmood Khan Achakzai stood up in Islamabad and said the country cannot survive this way. All stakeholders need to sit down and decide first who will run this country and how. But in the eyes of the Punjabi media, Rao Anwar’s victim Naqibullah Mehsud and more than four hundred other innocent people have no status, neither Ali Wazir nor Mehmood Khan Achakzai. Punjab, its army and media must think that you have not conquered the Pakhtuns and Balochs nor can you rule them with your strong arms. The global powers that gave you the resources to rule here to protect their interests may weaken. In this situation, you will no longer be able to rule with a victorious and conquering mindset, and you will no longer be able to oppress and exploit. If you want to be brothers, sit down. Mehmood Khan Achakzai fulfilled his responsibility by giving his last message representing the Pakhtuns. You too will have to pay the price for ignoring this message, then don’t say you didn’t hear it.

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