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‘The plan to kill Arshad Sharif, Imran Khan was hatched in the presence of Nawaz Sharif’; Tasnim Haider ShahFGN News

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FGN News,

Muslim League (N) Spokesperson Tasnim Haider Shah revealed that the killing of journalist Arshad Sharif and Chairman Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan was planned in a meeting in London where Muslim League (N) President Mian Nawaz Sharif was also present. . .

Speaking to the media, the spokesperson of Muslim League (N) said that I have been the spokesperson of (N) League in Britain for 5 years while I have been serving the party from Pakistan for 20 years. Whatever plans were made in London, I was present at all these meetings.

He revealed that I was called for a meeting and in the meeting a plan was made to kill journalist Arshad Sharif and PTI Chairman Imran Khan. The meeting was held with Muslim League (N) leader Nawaz Sharif. A meeting was held on July 8. Then another meeting was held on September 20 where I was also present. The third meeting was held on October 29. He said that I will soon show the media the photos of these meetings as evidence. In these meetings, plans were made to get Imran Khan and Arshad Sharif out of the way before the appointment of the new Chief of Army Staff.

When asked by the journalist who was present at the meeting, he replied that he could not say yet, but I will release all the names as soon as possible. When he was asked why he was asked to attack the shooter of Imran Khan, he said that Nasir Butt introduced me to Mian Nawaz Sharif by saying that I am strong in Gujarat. Yes and I also have shooters so the shooters asked for me. Mian Nawaz Sharif told me you give the shooter, we will give you a place for attack in Wazirabad. The Wazirabad attack must be made so that the blame falls on Parvez Elahi. However, Nasir Butt later told me that the shooter was fixed, let him.

Tasneem Haider Shah said that I also informed the British police about it.

It should be noted that the investigation into the people behind the killing of journalist Arshad Sharif and the assassination attack on former Prime Minister Imran Khan is ongoing, but so far there is no decisive development regarding the accused. including the motives in the incidents.