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The Emirati President’s conversation with the Prime Minister – Daily AusafFGN News

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FGN News,

Rahim Yar Khan (News Desk) United Arab Emirates (UAE) has indicated huge investment in Pakistan. UAE President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan arrived in Rahim Yar Khan on a one-day visit where he was received by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif at Chandna Airport.

Welcome. During the meeting of the two leaders, there was a discussion on increasing bilateral relations. According to sources, the Prime Minister and the Emirati President met in a brotherly atmosphere. Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed expressed his great love for Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif and held the Prime Minister’s hand in his plane. Sources said that the UAE president also indicated to the prime minister to invest heavily in Pakistan, he said you should get ready, UAE will invest heavily in Pakistan. Sources say that the President of the UAE also met the family and children of the Prime Minister, the Prime Minister spoke to the children of the President of the UAE in Arabic and English.