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The dove visits the comatose person every day, then one day. How did the dove save the dying man’s life? Viral Image & Reality – Daily FeaturesFGN News

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FGN News,

Wild Pigeon helps treat constipation and paralysis. Everyone knows this

Its blood is warm and the part of the body where the stroke is most affected is said to be smeared with fresh pigeon blood. This is a trick that has been around for years and is known as a home remedy and people are benefiting from it. The pigeon is considered an innocent bird that does not bother anyone and does not peck at anyone like a crow. A pigeon saves the life of a dying man and the doctors realize their mistake, but how? In the video, you can see that a patient is suffering from severe brain disease and his brain is slowly swelling but the doctors are giving him complete treatment. One day a pigeon came and sat the patient down and it started coming every day. One day a nurse noticed that the pigeon was on the patient’s bed. Now that he is on duty and it is his duty to take care of the patient, put the pigeon there. he removed and returned after checking up but Kina thought that he left his watch and pen in the patient’s room. When he returned there he saw that he was sitting again the same pigeon.blow and leave after saying. duty to other nurses is important. The arrival and departure of the pigeon and sitting on top of the patient was a sequence. When the hospital staff found out, they started watching him come back every time he was kicked out and none of the nurses let him into the room in front of the doctor. This thing was seen by the bed in front of the patient and photographed that this pigeon comes every day. No one came to see the dying patient. Once an old doctor suddenly came to the patient and saw the pigeon sitting, the pigeon placed the patient’s pills near the doctor. The doctor wonders why he did this. When he tried to hide the pills there again, the pigeon started pecking at him. The doctor checked the patient’s file history and was dismayed to find that his brain was swollen and could die at any time. But when he saw the medicines and began to put them back on the table, the pigeon began to peck, then the doctor took the pills from his hand and left and learned the history of these medicines, then he realized that the medicines that it is inflammation. of the brain. Increasing them is not a solution to this disease. The doctor ran back and saw the pigeon sitting there and the patient’s leg started moving. After all the tests on the patient were done on the instructions of senior doctors, it was found that his brain was not working only because of inflammation. Compared to the reports of 1 year ago, it was found that the patient’s paralyzed body started to move and the blood flow became better in the lower leg. When the doctor changed his medicine, the patient gradually improved and the dying patient revived. It objected to this photo that it was not taken by the nurse caring for the patient but was taken by a photographer. The staff was told that the pigeon sat on the same patient every day. So naturally a dove helped to save the life of a dying man. But this rarely happens in real life.