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From the first-year student who was made to strip, labeled as “gay” and molested before his death, to hostel administrators “fearing” for their safety – the committee in of Jadavpur University said his report points to a culture of lying. in the university primary school.

The 17-year-old student died hours after he allegedly fell from the balcony of his second-floor apartment on August 9.

The committee has identified 35 high school students and “adults in unauthorized schools” who were allegedly involved in the varsity hostel betrayal. He also described the top four students and the first six students as “chief raggers”.

According to the committee’s report, on the evening of August 9, the victim was “isolated” by a group of seniors and former students and “sexually abused and … called him gay” .

“At around 7.30pm, the person was taken away [a] In the house along with a few senior freshers, where the freshers are forced to shout loudly against, sexism and abuse leading to the women living in the police area is close,” the report said.

The victim initially did not want to say the insults but was forced to do so several times as further punishment, the commission said. The victim appeared “broken”, he said.

“The next ragging session took place… between 9pm and 10.45pm, where the victim was allegedly assaulted. [coerced] to affix his signature to the petition addressed to the Dean of Students…. Later, all the entrants were called for a meeting of the GB (leaders)… the person was asked to stay in the hostel,” the committee reported.

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It is clear that the victim was singled out for “gross abuse” that was carried out systematically and strategically, and was singled out from the rest of his team, the committee said.

The report said: “…At 11:30 in the afternoon, one of the cashiers (deputies) reported that he heard someone from the second floor of building A-2 and -cry (for help). One of the people entering the house… reported that he saw the person running in a naked state, trying to get to the toilet… then running into the bathroom. 65. Even when the person who is wanted to close the door, the other elders cry [it] open it, pull it out.”

“(The victim) reportedly started running erratically down the corridor… completely naked… in front of a crowd of about 20…”
The report said that “information about the next movement of the person, shortly before the fall and about to fall, is uncertain and unclear.”


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