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HomeNationalSheikh Rasheed's bail application was rejected after his arrestFGN News

Sheikh Rasheed’s bail application was rejected after his arrestFGN News

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FGN News,

A local court in Islamabad has rejected a bail application after the arrest of Sheikh Rasheed in a case related to the assassination of former President Asif Zardari.
Web Desk: According to details, Judicial Magistrate Umar Shabbir gave a safe decision, the court in its decision rejected Sheikh Rasheed’s bail application.
In the District and Sessions Court Islamabad, Judicial Magistrate Umar Shabbir heard former federal minister Sheikh Rasheed’s post-arrest bail application.
Sheikh Rashid’s lawyer said that Sheikh Rashid referred to Imran Khan’s statement and said that what he was saying was correct, the case was registered 2 days before Sheikh Rashid’s statement was aired.
Sheikh Rasheed’s lawyer said that though the killing was done in front of the police, the case was not registered very quickly, the police conducted an inquiry and registered the case.
The lawyer said the police should have taken Sheikh Rasheed’s stand and investigated him about the murder conspiracy.
In his arguments, the prosecutor said Sheikh Rasheed had repeatedly pleaded guilty to charges during his sentences while in prison.
The prosecutor said that the statement of Sheikh Rashid is likely to spread unrest in the society, the High Court only suspended the summons, Sheikh Rashid was arrested very hard, if he gets bail, he will run.

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