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Russians who are tired of President Putin should be recruited by the intelligence agencies of Western countries, the American CIAFGN News

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FGN News,

Washington: The American intelligence agency CIA has advised Russian citizens who are angry with President Vladimir Putin to recruit into the intelligence agencies of Western countries.

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According to the respected American newspaper ‘Wall Street Journal’, this advice was given by David Marloff, the Deputy Director of Operations at the American CIA, in a panel discussion.

He said during the panel discussion that secret and sensitive agencies of Western countries should recruit Russian citizens who hate President Vladimir Putin as agents.

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“We need to find Russians around the world who are as fed up with Putin’s policies and practices as we are,” said David Marloff. He said, not being able to conquer Ukraine is a big failure of Russian President Putin.

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It should be noted that the British Insider claimed in its report last week that the top official of the British intelligence agency said that so far this year, Western countries have deported 400 Russian officials who -spy for Russia. There are allegations.