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Reasons for nationwide power outage revealed – PakistanFGN News

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FGN News,

After a 16-hour nationwide blackout, power has been partially restored in various cities. The causes of power outages across the country have also been revealed.

According to details, the shutdown of many thermal power stations at night to conserve oil and gas has caused huge losses. When the National Grid authorities opened some thermal power stations that were closed on Sunday night to save fuel, on Monday morning due to heavy load, the frequency was lost and the system sat down.

At 7:37 AM on Monday morning, the Gaddu Power Station was the first to shut down. Its 3 units carrying 1700 MW load tried to transfer their load to the next station.

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The Jamshoro power plant which only had the capacity to handle 880 MW load, suddenly could not handle the load of 1700 MW and tripped and the game of bati gul began.

More than 60 thermal power stations including Quetta 28 MW, Muzaffargarh 1350 MW, Faisalabad 144, Kot Addu 1600 MW, Haveli Bahadur Shah 1277 MW and Baloki 1276 MW were closed. The destruction plunged ninety percent of the country into darkness within 5 minutes.