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Petrol available in country, price unlikely to rise before Feb 15: Masadiq MalikFGN News

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FGN News,

ISLAMABAD: (Web Desk) Minister of State for Petroleum Mossadegh Malik has reacted negatively to the news of petrol pump owners closing petrol pumps in various cities of Punjab.
Mossadegh Malik said that there is more than 20 days worth of petroleum in the country, people are trying to store petroleum, there is no possibility to increase the prices of petroleum products before February 15.
He said I want to know where the problems with petrol pumps are coming from. A meeting was held with oil marketing companies this morning, there are 20 days of petrol and 25 days of diesel in the country, if there are petrol pumps that supply limited fuel, it should be pointed out, the current IMF talks are relevant on the price of petrol. No, there is no shortage of petrol in the country.
He said, on the last day that the price of petroleum was announced so that there will be no shortage, if anyone hoards petroleum products, action will be taken, if anyone closes the license and business to earn 10,500,000. Ready, yes, we are also ready to close their business, the price of petrol does not increase for 8-10 days.
On the other hand, petroleum industry sources say that LC for import of 68 million liters of fuel has been opened for PSO.
Sources say that the ship will reach the port from 13th to 15th February with petroleum.
It should be noted that there is alleged shortage of petrol in various cities of Punjab and most of the petrol pumps are closed.
According to reports, most petrol pumps are closed in Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Sargodha. Most of the petrol pumps are closed for the sale of petroleum products while the few open petrol pumps have long queues of vehicles.
Some petrol pumps are also open at Shakargarh, Khushab, Gojra, Mandi Bahauddin. Citizens say petrol pumps that are open give Rs 200 petrol to motorcyclists, Rs 500 petrol to car owners.
Petrol pump owners claim that delivery of petroleum products by petroleum dealers is decreasing.

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