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The Directorate of Vigilance has issued a show-cause notice to Delhi Minorities Commission (DMC) chairman Zakir Khan for allegedly working to get employees in his office to issue “fabricated emails” to support policy. The exception now is the directive of then Vice President Manish Sisodia.

According to government sources, Khan, according to the announcement, accused Khan of “greatly helping” the deterioration of public opinion by receiving e-mails in support of several proposals of the new policy sent to Email address provided by Delhi government for public search. feedback about them from people who work as employees in the Commission.

Sources said that these include allocating liquor licenses through regional sales, reduction in Excise and VAT, increase in license fee, and increase in the number of liquor sellers, and part of the CBI document. sued in the case that. August 17, 2022.

These provisions, according to the newspaper, differ from the recommendations of an expert committee set up by the Delhi government to review them.

Reacting to the development, Khan told The Indian Express that he has not received such a post, adding that his tenure as DMC chairman has already come to an end. “I didn’t get any notice. Apart from that, ED and CBI have questioned me about these allegations and supported both the agencies,” he said.

Government sources, however, said that Khan is still “very much in charge” and now faces his resignation.

Asking him to clarify his stand on the issue and explain why he should not be removed from office in public interest, the notice issued to Khan, according to official documents, citing the CBI charge sheet about the allegations of Sisodia’s intention to repeat the process of seeking a statement. and suggestions from the public and those affected by it. Sisodia was arrested in the case in February.

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According to the charge sheet, officials of the Joint Commission sent an email to a dedicated email ID of the excise department with one of Sisodia’s email IDs on January 14 and 15, 2021, running efforts for the new constitution.

Instructions, such as invoices, are given to receive several e-mails supporting the implementation of certain provisions of the policy sent to a dedicated e-mail address; Those measures were later included in the new exit policy and were, according to the bill, in “total deviation” from the recommendations of the expert committee.

This, the CBI has further stated in its charge sheet, showed that Sisodia was “working on pre-conceived notions for framing the Excise Act” and “beating public opinion/formulated suggestions” in their support.

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