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Many cities in Punjab are named after trees and plantsFGN News

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FGN News,

Lahore: While many cities and towns in Punjab are named after different personalities, tribes and caste communities, there are also some places named after different trees and professions, many cities are named after Muslim Sufi saints and Sikh Hindu kings.

Ehtsham Aziz Chaudhry, researcher and archaeologist of Lahore Museum, said that many cities in Punjab were also named after trees, just as the names of cities became popular due to certain geographical features, in the same way, the several towns and cities are also named after. trees and plants..

According to Ehtesham Aziz Chaudhry, these cities and towns were known because of certain trees, then when people settled here, they were named after them. He also mentions some cities and towns like Jund is a town in Attock district, there is an old Jund tree before the settlement. That’s why Jund became famous. Shakargarh, a town in Narowal district, was originally named Nishkargarh. Nishkar means sin. There was a lot of production here. Hence the name Shakargarh, the city of Leyah, Leyah became famous because of the Ley bushes. Dajal, a town in Rajanpur district, there is a net tree here, a man named Dawood camped here, so his name Dawood Jal became famous, and it was left as Dajal. Okara was called Okanwala earlier. Okan is a type of tree, which is abundant here.

By studying the history of ancient cities, it is known that many cities and towns of Pakistan are also named after kings or governors. Among the cities of Punjab province, Jalalpur Jatan, Badshah Jalaluddin Khalji, Sarai Alamgir, Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb Alamgir, Shergarh is named after Sher Shah Suri. The city of Wazirabad is attributed to Subedar Nawab Wazir Khan of Punjab and the town of Saadullahpur in Gujarat district is attributed to Nawab Saadullah Khan, the Prime Minister of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan.

Sardar Surinder Khochar, who has written several articles on ancient Indian history, says that many cities and towns in Punjab, which is divided into Pakistan and India, are named after Sikh and Hindu kings who lived for centuries, like the city where Malut Raja Mal lives. are, Kanjah Kunjapal Ka (Gujarat District), Sitpur Sita Rani City, Talamba (Khaniwal District) Raja Kanab City, Duniapur (Lodhran District) Dhani Chand, Kahrupka (Lodhran District) Raja Kirur, Bhong (Rahimyar District) Khan) Raja Bhongar, Mattotli (District Multan) Rani Mattu, Dipalpur (District Okara) Raja Dev Pal, Garh Maharaja (District Jhang) Maharaja Koramal, Manga Mandi of Manga Singh (District Lahore), Didar Singh Fort (District Gujranwala) Didar Singh, the fort of Asobha Singh, Sobha Singh (Sialkot district) is worth mentioning. Similarly, Nankana Sahib is named after Guru Nanak, the founder of the Sikh religion. Before him, his name was Talundi. After his death it became Nankana.

He said that many cities and regions are named after Muslim Sufi saints like Hasan Abdal (Rawalpindi district) is known as Baba Wali Kandahari, Choa Syedan​​​​Shah (Chakwal district) as Syedan​​​​ Shah, Dina (district) Jhelum) in the name of Baba Deen Muhammad, Kala Shah Kako in the name of Hazrat Shah Kako, Shahkot (District Nankana) in the name of Hazrat Nolkh Hazari, Kot Sakhi Sarwar (District Dera Ghazi Khan) in the name of Hazrat Sakhi Sarwar, Kasbah Shah Sadr Din (Dera Ghazi Khan District) From Shah Sadr Deen to Daira Din Panah (Muzaffargarh District) In the name of Hazrat Deen Panah In the name of Sheikh Fazil (Wahari District) In the name of Sheikh Fazil, Chak Diwan (District Wahari) In the name of Hazrat Sheikh Diwan Machawli , Mian Chinnu (District Mianwali) in the name of Mian Chinnu, Kabir Wala (Khaniwal District) in the name of Syed Ahmad Kabir Bukhari, Kasbah Abdul Hakeem (Khaniwal District) in the name of Abdul Hakeem, Mach doom Ali (Lodhran District) in the name of Ali Pir. From, Crore Lal Isaan (District Leyya) from Hazrat Lal Isaan, Kasbah Juman Shah (District Leyya) in the name of Juman Shah Bukhari, Zahir Pir (District Rahim Yar Khan) from Hazrat Zahir Pir, Makhdoom Rashid (District Multan) Hazrat In the name of Abdul Rasheed Haqqani, Hujra Shah Moqim (district Okara) in the name of Moqim Mukhaquddin, Mamun Kanjan (District Faisalabad) in the name of Mamun Kanjan, Shorkot in the name of Tajuddin Shouri, town of Attara Hazari, district Jhang Makhdoom in the name of Tajuddin Attara Hazari, Mandi Shah Jeona. And the city of Shah Jeona is associated with the name of Hazrat Shah Jeona, two towns of Jhang Hai district. Hazrat Makhdoom Jahanian of Khanewal district Jahanian Jahan Gesht, Pirmahal district of Toba Tek Singh Pir Syed Qutb Ali Shah are among the elders. But these two elders are not buried in these cities, they are buried in other places.

By turning the pages of historical books, it is also known that many cities and towns of Punjab, known by their current names, are not really their original names, their original names are others, but in the languages ​​of different peoples at different times. Became current names and they did not know what they would become after becoming worse. As the original name of the Rawat district town of Rawalpindi was Rabat, the Takshasila of Taxila, Kalrakhar’s name was Shaklahaya Kalo Kahar, the Jalham of Jhelum. Jal means water and we mean cold, which means cold water. The original name of the town of Lalpur Sharif District Jhelum was Garja Kh and then Jalalpur Kikanan. Silkot of Sialkot, Paras Roor of Pasaror, Sambalwal of Sambaryal, Jafarwal of Zafarwal, Pindi Bahauddin of Mandi Bahauddin, Beso Phala of Phalia, Dharkil of Dhonkal, Aminabad of Aminabad, Skala of Sangla Hill, Miani Namak of Miani, Pheruka of Furuka, Tausa of Taunsa (Dera Ghazi Khan District), Basira of Basira (Muzaffargarh District), Viari of Wahari, Gangu of Gago Mandi (Wahari District), Khanwala of Khanewal, Talamba (Khanewal District). ), Dhankot of Dhannot (Lodhran district ), Bakhar of Bhakkar, Mil Kheer of Mankira. Kot Harappa Kahri Rupa, Gujarrah of Gujra (District Toba Tek Singh), Khar Yanwala (District Faisalabad) was originally known as Kho Ridiwala.

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