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Gas was available at $2 during Imran’s tenure, Asad Umar stopped it and bought it at $40: Rauf KlasraFGN News

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FGN News,

Imran Khan’s government imposed more burden of inflation on the people during his tenure by buying expensive oil and expensive gas to benefit the oil mafia.
Analyst Rauf Klasra revealed in his October 19 column that under Imran Khan’s regime, the petroleum ministry has been benefiting the oil and gas mafia by buying oil and gas at exorbitant prices, while the people were already suffering from inflation. Forced to buy expensive oil and gas.

He said that last day in the petroleum committee of the Senate, it was known that cheap gas is available in Pakistan for $2, but the Chairman of the Energy Commission, Asad Umar, wrote a letter to prevent the ministry from purchasing it. gas

Rauf Klasra mentioned a conversation he had with Nadeem Afzal Chan, a former adviser to the Imran Khan government, on his TV program and wrote that according to Nadeem Afzal Chan, when the price of oil was $20 a barrel across the world, the secretary wrote to shut down oil companies saying they would not buy cheap oil. and Petroleum Minister Nadeem Babar.

In this way, oil and gas mafias get crores of profit by buying expensive oil and gas, while people continue to buy oil and gas at expensive prices.

It should be noted that there is a general perception in Pakistan that decisions are made not by the people, but by the preferences of the mafia. All this happened under the nose of Imran Khan, who always talks about war with the mafia.