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Election Commission seeks to crack down on anonymous donations to political parties – News18 BanglaFGN News

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FGN Updates,

#New Delhi: The Central Election Commission has written a letter to the Union Minister of Justice in which they want major changes in the Representation of the People Act. Basically, the commission has asked for changes in the law to prevent financial corruption by naming anonymous donations to political parties.

Trinamool senior MP Sougat Roy told News8Bangla, “The Election Commission has given this proposal. We support it. But our only question is, will the ruling party accept it?”

The Election Commission feels that political parties are committing massive corruption by using loopholes in the law in cases of anonymous donations. Therefore, the commission seeks a radical change to the rules for anonymous donations. The Central Electoral Commission has written a letter to the EU Minister of Justice regarding the contributions or donations received by political parties on Monday.

The letter said all political parties should publish all details of cash donations received above Rs 2,000. At present, the political parties publish the information about cash contributions received above 20 thousand rupees. The commission believes that political parties in this case are committing a huge amount of corruption in the name of anonymous donations. Therefore, the National Electoral Commission wants to change this rule.

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The commission’s proposal is to reduce the upper limit of cash donation from 20,000 rupees to 2000. In addition, the commission wants another major amendment to the Public Representation Act. That is to say – a maximum of 20 percent of the total amount that political parties receive as donations can be received in cash. or not more than twenty crore rupees. The lower of these two will be accepted by the Election Commission.

It may be noted that the last time the Representation of the People Act was amended during the Modi era, the upper limit on cash contributions to the funds of political parties was fixed. The Electoral Commission wants to lower the limit for anonymous cash assistance. However, no one has spoken on this issue from the central government till now.

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